Blowholes Adventure
Carnarvon Coast Ultimate Adventure

Can't decide on just one tour??  Why not see it all on this ultimate adventure exploring all there is to see between Carnarvon and the World Heritage Ningaloo Reef Marine Park.  Your full day's itinerary is listed below.....

Depart Carnarvon in style and track north over the historic One Mile Jetty.  Cruise past the Gascoyne River mouth and One Tree Point and settle in for a wonderful flight along Miaboolya Beach in search of all kinds of marine life.

At the northern end of Miaboolya Beach you will be treated to the views of the Fitzroy and Darwin Reefs as well as the Quobba Blowholes and Aquarium.  This marks your first stop and an opportunity to stretch your legs.

You may want to also explore the Lighthouse.

Continue north along the Quobba Coastline, an extremely harsh and rugged piece of coast which reminds us of it's unforgiving nature. Over-fly Cape Cuvier and the Salt Loader before being confronted with the Golden Cliffs, 700ft of vertical sand stone reaching up from the ocean......another great spot to stretch your legs.

The Golden Cliffs are an awe-inspiring sight.  There is no finer example of the towering sand stone cliffs along the Coral Coast and the only way you can access this piece of paradise is by helicopter.  Welcome to your own private and naturally exclusive beach.

A short flight northwards along the coast will bring you out at Red Bluff, one of Australia's best beaches.  In fact, Red Bluff was considered #8 out of the best 100 beaches in the Country.  Stroll the beach, explore the cliffs or enjoy a fresh mango smoothy topped with shredded coconut from the seaside store.

Red Bluff marks the beginning of the World Heritage Ningaloo Reef Marine Park.  Without a doubt the healthiest living reef system in Australia, the Ningaloo Reef boasts an unparalleled amount of marine life.  Expect to see sharks, rays, dolphins, dugongs, whales, turtles and much, much more.

Next stop - Coral Bay.  The Bay is a popular holiday destination for both tourists and locals alike.

Be adventurous and head to the water, or if swimming isn't for you settle back with a cold drink and a beautiful lunch at one of many restaurants will cap the morning off nicely.

The return flight back to Carnarvon will give you a perfect view of the extraordinary Lake Macleod and it's incredible salt water 'vents' or blue holes which supply the arid salt lake with a constant supply of extremely salty water.

The Rio-Tinto Salt Mine and Gypsum Mine provide for a wonderful photographic opportunity.  The colours are exciting and are constantly changing as you fly by.  Ask your pilot to take you in for a closer look!!


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